"This is my router, there are many like it but this one is mine..."

CCNA Boot Camp

You will not say a word!  You will not speak unless spoken to!  Do you 
ladies understand me?  (Sir! Yes! Sir!).  From this point forward you will eat,
think and dream Cisco!  Do you maggots understand? (Sir! Yes! Sir!)  We are in a war, Gentlemen!
The future of the free world depends on you people becoming Cisco certified!  You each will become
a CCNA!  Every time you see a router that does not say Cisco on it you will kill it!  What are you
going to do ladies? (Kill! Kill! Kill!).  That's right.  Each week we will be adding a new lesson
so that you will become strong of mind and pure of heart!  We are going to rid the world of all commie,
pinko, leftist routers and replace them with Cisco!  You are going to be trained mercenaries of
IOS spreading the gospel of Cisco!  Now get your console cables and fall out on the
parade deck!

You will learn the OSI model!

You will learn ISDN reference points!


Please Sgt. Hartman, I wanna go back to the main page!


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