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Jennifer Connolly on CCIE Lab Changes

Here at RouterGod Magazine we always try to keep our finger on the pulse of Cisco certification.  Recently Cisco announced that they were removing VOIP from the Routing / Switching lab and putting it in the Voice lab effective Jaunary 1, 2005.  We approached Hollywood babe Jennifer Connolly and asked her to speak with Cisco Program Director Sanjay Babaganoush about this change.

Cisco recently announced that effective January 1st, 2005 there would no longer be IP Telephony in the RS lab, why the change?

Oh my, yes, where to start? Oh, so many problems.  We had many unexpected problems, so we, ahhh, make change.

Problems?  Can you elaborate?

The test candidates were misusing the phones.

Misusing the phones?  I don't understand.

Oh, where to start, OK, the candidates would
often connect their phones to our IP phone system
at Cisco and use the phones to make unauthorized calls.

Very interesting, what type of calls?

At first they would do harmless things like order pizzas and call in to radio shows, then they would progress to other things like calling Cisco support and opening help desk tickets to assist with their labs and sometimes they would page the proctors and get them to leave the room so they could compare notes.

Very clever, when did you first notice this?

We discovered early on that the candidates would actually place calls to each other and we would see them whispering into the phones. We also discovered many calls placed to India which indicates they were seeking tech support.  Some candidates would even operate long distance pre-paid phone card businesses right from the lab.  We soon decided to remove the phones.

I see, how do you keep the same thing from happening in the Voice Lab?

We replaced the phones with older phones that go
through a live operator, this was the only way
we could stop the monkey business.





CCIE Lab Director
Sanjay Babaganoush


New Phones Introduced
Into Voice Lab Will
Prevent Misuse by

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